About Me

About Me



Solo Traveller! The single word that describes my whole personality. I am an ardent soul who desires to capture the nature’s most unusual experiences in my eyes and cherish them forever. A businessman by profession and a frequent traveler, I never miss a chance to fulfill my dream of wandering across the world.

Connecting with people of different walks of life always excite me and inspire to explore most unexplored corners of the world. It gives me immense bliss to gather insights about different cultures, exchanging ideas with new people and understand how they perceive this entire world.

Travelled so far more than 20 countries and hundreds of destinations, including the bone-chilling to the fiery places, where the day has no end and night never begins, the sun and moon are broader than usual, the places submerged in water, the land covered with golden sand and lush green dense forest spread over thousands of miles have always astonished me and boosted my enthusiasm to explore more.

Being a founder of multiple ventures, I have always believed to achieve the excellence in whatever I do. Traveling is also my life’s most essential venture where I seek excellence stuffed with knowledge of food, get-ups, historical wonders, language, dance, music, people and environment.

The Indian Tourist is a platform of my personal travel experiences compiled to guide and inspire individuals who also share the same enthusiasm to discover this world. I love to share important tips, suggestions and cost-effective ways to travel across the world. Travel with budget not with luxury, this is what I believe. Hence, I seek out for people who wish to step out and embark upon journeys, and welcome their queries to have a wonderful travel experience.


Give Your Life New Directions, Keep Travel, Feel the World, Attain Happiness!