World is full of two types of people. First are those who eat to live and the others are those who live to eat. If you belong to the latter category, this blog will be your recipe of happiness. We know you are that naughty child who keeps poking the mother while she is cooking, to add your choicest of flavours in your food. We also know your siblings hate you because you have never been fair while sharing your

Thinking about the land that cradled Buddhism, I looked forward to my trip to Dharamshala, another city with a predominant Buddhist culture. Born and brought up in Gurugram, where I never saw any Buddhist architecture. I was entirely unfamiliar to concepts like stupas, thangkas, pagodas and prayer wheels.   Dharamshala is all about vibrant Tibetan flags, beautiful rolling prayer wheels and the rejuvenating sound of the ringing bells and chirping birds. My first day was dedicated to exploring the beautiful

Munnar, Kerala Mist-induced, flourishing tea gardens and the spectacular spice plantation with dewdrops falling from the leaves and branches, Munnar in Monsoon is a paradise for nature lovers. The beautiful mountains partially covered in clouds while the rain rejuvenates almost everything it can touch. It’s an ideal escape if you’re looking for some quiet time in the lap of the mountains. Not being a tourist season during monsoon, you can live all of this without any chaos and of course,

Ten entire days. Ten full days of complete and silence far away from your regular life. Do you think it is worth achieving inner peace? I thought so. However, no talking at all is just one code of discipline for Vipassana – a form of meditation that’s been practiced in India for thousands of years. After overcoming all the second thoughts in order to learn Vipassana, I finally took a 10-day meditation course in Dharamkot, India. You want to know if I was scared?

As an experienced Traveller When I go to any place I do all necessary things in my backpack to ensure that I must have all the important things during my whole trip. Here I will share My personnel Checklist of the things which I take with me on Local OR international Trip. 1.Kill Boredom When I plan to  Travel anywhere I make sure that I pack my entertainment Tools (Gadgets) like iPad, Ipod (For Songs) , Books, Laptop , Make

When people live away from their homes they feel homesickness, It’s pretty much normal thing for most of the individuals especially when people do solo tours. Coz there are many days to do things you miss in your life. Also, your friends Family etc. Whenever I started My Solo Tours I also Suffered this Homesickness a bit but I find out the solution. Below are few of my suggestions which I already tested and all are very good. 1. Listening

1. Explain the reason You should tell your family the actual reason behind your desire of travelling alone. you have to tell them that how important this is for you so that they will realize actually that this is the thing you want from your life then they will support you too. 2. Show them you are not alone You can also show your parents and friends that you are not alone in this world who is travelling alone there

1. Write Blogs You can write blogs about your travelling experiences and make your own community and you can use Google Ad Sense advertisement to make money. The more you write the more user you get The more money you earn. 2. DO Freelancing Job You can also do any freelancing job so that you can earn money on the go. It depends on your skills. 3. Work Remotely There are many companies who pay you salary and who don’t

1. Plan Your Trip As They say, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If you are going solo or any trip you should plan your trip. You don’t need to plan everything but at least you should plan for few important things like your hotel, Mode of Transport, Flight details, Visa Requirements, Local Food etc. 2.Travel At Night Always try to travel At night so that when you land the destination, You have the whole day to