How to get Indonesian Visa at Airports in Bali and Jakarta
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Bali is the first place from where I started my Indonesia visit. The experience has been amazing and I cherish those moments always.

I remember the visa process – it is Visa on Arrivals (VOA), it’s worth-sharing. You can receive your Indonesian visa on airport at Bali.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Get off the plane
  • Head to Arrivals – Visas and Immigration
  • You need to pay $35 US at the first desk for your Visa – you will be then issued with 2 receipts. There is no restriction to pay in dollars rather you can pay in any listed currencies there.
  • Join the queue for immigration – meanwhile you can fulfil your immigration form if the queue is too long. The form is easy to fill in.
  • Once you reach to the immigration counter, the official will check all the details filled by you, take your payment receipt and stamp Indonesia visa onto your passport. After that, you will receive your departure card back to keep and one of the payment receipts you got. You are required to keep it with you for leaving the country.
  • Take a custom form and fill out completely to hand in to the next desk after receiving your visa. They just take it from you, check all your belonging through scanner and let you go forward.

The process is same even If you are travelling to Jakarta. All you need to follow the same steps at airport in Jakarta.

Visa Fees

  • Single-entry Visit Visa – 3400 INR
  • Multi-entry Visa – 6800 INR
  • For 6 months stay Visa – 3400 INR
  • For 1 year stay Visa – 6100 INR
  • For 2 years stay Visa – 10,900 INR
  • Visa on Arrival – 2400 INR

Have a happy trip to Indonesia!


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