How to get Myanmar Visa for Indian Passports
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Myanmar is a beautiful country which is full of rich traditions, tantalizing dishes and fascinating sightseeing. Delicious food dishes, multiple hiking option, friendly locals, awesome climate and luxury transportation can make you fall in love with this city so easily. Learn here how to get Myanmar Visa for Indian passports and get set go to this enticing city.

The process is simple but before jumping on the method, I would tell you the types of visa, Myanmar Visa Fee and all the supporting documents which you will require to submit or post along with your application form for Myanmar Visa.

Myanmar Visa Types

There are basically three types of Myanmar Visa:

  • Myanmar Tourist Visa – Valid in 2 days
  • Myanmar Business Visa -valid in 70 days
  • Transit Visa – Valid in 24 hours

Myanmar Visa Fees (Non-Refundable)

  • Tourist Visa – 2800 INR
  • Education Visa (Single) – 3500 INR
  • Employment Visa (Single) – 3500 INR
  • Employment Visa (Single) – 3500 INR

Documents Required

  • Original and old passports (If any)
  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in China. Also, there should be minimum 2 blank pages in the passport.
  • Confirmed air ticket details for returning
  • Travel itinerary for Myanmar
  • Visa application form properly filled and checked
  • 2 recent passport size photographs (4.8 cm X 3.8 cm)
  • A covering letter which tells the purpose of travel, duration of stay, all details of traveller and travel. This must be duly signed by signatory authority with a proper stamp on it.
  • Bank statements of last six months having a signature by bank authority and bank seal on each page. The minimum balance must be available to prove our financial strength.
  • Confirmed hotel booking details
  • Pay slip for last six months
  • Company registration certificate details if self employed
  • Leave approval letter by your company employer
  • If you are intending to visit to your relative or friend’s place, you must have an invitation letter copy as supporting document.

 There are two methods to apply for Myanmar Visa. First is applying at Myanmar Embassy in India and second is applying Visa on Arrival.

Applying at Myanmar Embassy in India

  • Download the form from the website (
  • Fill-in the whole form completely and duly to avoid any sort of delay or disapproval.
  • Attach all mentioned documents mentioned above.
  • Post the application form along with supporting documents at Myanmar Embassy in India through Blue dart or any other courier service. You can take help of any travel agent too, but you need to give them some charges for doing so.
  • The processing time is normally 10-14 working days.

Applying Visa on Arrival

  • Apply this only if you are going there for any business purpose
  • Download the form and fill it up.
  • Keep all your documents collected and ready.
  • On arrival of any airport at Myanmar, after paying visa fee and document submission and receipt of application submission, you will be issued you visa on arrival.

Remember one thing, visa on arrival is only for business purposes.

Have a memorable trip to Myanmar!


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