1. Do I need to quit My job to travel?

Ans—>No, quitting the job can be a very bad idea. Think about your regular expenses and monthly bills, how will you be able to manage it without a job in hand? The mantra is, decide your priorities. If you are keen to travel, you need to prioritise your savings, your leaves and your mind-set towards you job. You can start off with travelling during long weekends and taking planned leaves from work. Slowly, you will learn to manage travelling without affecting your job.

Arrange your Leaves Properly.

Prepare yourself, plan your leaves beforehand. Keep a track of long weekends and smartly plan your paid leaves. Avoid taking leaves every now and then, unless required. Accumulate your leaves and then plan your trip accordingly. Planning your leaves ahead will help you to go on vacations without any salary deduction.

Research is the Key:

Be prepared for every situation while travelling alone. For this, you need to do all possible research regarding the destination you are leaving for. Remember, you must manage how to live with fewer resources, that too far away from your family and friends. Always spend a generous amount of your time researching about the place, the mode of travel, how will be the cuisine out there, itineraries etc. by doing this you save both money and time.
So, never think of quitting job unless you feel the utmost necessity. I have seen many such people who have been regretting their decision of quitting job. So, relax and remember that planning is the key.

2. How do I arrange funds for Travel?

Ans—> Well, money is honey and plays a major role in travelling. So, arranging funds is the most important thing, after all nothing in this world comes for free.

For funds, I would suggest savings, every penny that you save, counts for your dream trip. Avoid unnecessary expenses. You can also look out for a few freelance or part time projects that can bring you some extra bucks.
If you have some additional talent you can use the same to earn money even while you are on your trip. It is very common in foreign countries to grab hourly paid or freelance jobs. For example, Photography, Writing, Juggling, and sometimes even hospitality, etc.

3. What all should I pack before going on a trip?

Ans—> The most basic things that you have to- have to keep are you money along with cards, your passport (if travelling international), an ID proof and Clothes as per the climatic condition of your destination. Carry some packaged food and protein bars, in case you are a vegetarian.

Always keep a travelling kit ready with all your daily essentials, like- soap, toothpaste, shaving kit and some highly important things like first-aid kit and anti-allergic pills etc.
It is suggested to make checklists beforehand so that you don’t forget important things. Also, it must to click photograph of your ID proof, Passport, Air Ticket and all other important documents in your phone. By doing this you take a precautionary measure if the things get lost or misplaced.
While travelling abroad you should buy a sim so that you can be in touch with your people. Also, keep the contact details of Indian Embassy ready in your phone. They are the only support when you land up in some major trouble.

4. Is it necessary to research about the place I am going to visit?

Ans—> Yes, of course it is. You must research about the climatic conditions, a little bit of political scenario, the cuisine, transportation (for example, In Rome I found metro trains to be more cost and time saving), local language and last but not the least all the tourist attractions as per your interest. A good research will definitely lead to a hassle free and a more enjoyable trip.

5. When is the time I should quit my job ?

Ans—> Again I would suggest not to take this decision randomly in the air. I advise to think and rethink about your decision to quit your job. In this scenario, you must not be financially dependent on others, as no one is going to support you financially forever. Think about the changes that you will have to face in your life. If you are able to manage everything without a job and are ready to pay this cost for your living your passion, then only you should go for it.

6. Are the Travel Blogs helpful?

Ans—> Yes, reading travel blogs leaves a picture about the destination and the life out there in your mind. Just the way you learn from other people’s experience. Bloggers share their experiences which can indeed be very helpful for you. You get to know more about a place and can prioritise your do’s and don’ts accordingly.

7. Where should I travel first trip if I am a solo Traveller?

Ans—> Always and always go for the nearest tourist destination! If it is your first time away from your family, you should prefer being not too far and somewhere you can be easily accessible. You first need to learn living away from your family and friends, living with fewer resources, learning to manage your finances while on a trip, etc. Slowly, you can increase the duration and distance of your trips in accordance with your comfort.