24 June
1 Day
The Leela Ambience Gurugram

Have you been wanting to spend more quality time with your better half? Rekindle the lost spark in your life as we have exactly the right occasion for you to fill the void born out of the mundane routine and engage you both in some off beat bustle where you can evaluate how good you are as partners. Some exhilarating games and fun activities await you along with some music and drama that will make you overwhelmed with joy and excitement.

Hold your breath and experience this one of its kind Sunday as ten couples join in and create an aura of clamour and charismatic chaos. Need we say more. The Diggy Day is here!

What do you usually prefer to do on weekends? Grocery, Laundry and Shopping, isn’t it? Is that your ideal plan like every other Sunday? Why not take a break from the routine and engage in a day with your beloved where you discover how good you two are in doing certain tasks together? That’s why Diggy Day is the ideal way to spend your Sunday. A platform for ten couples to come and meet other like-minded couples from all walks of life come and interact, play interesting games and share stories or experiences with each other. The aim is to make your bonding stronger with your partner by engaging in crazy and romantic activities. We promise to provide you with a great ambience, tantalizing food, incredible people and a lifetime experience.

So say bye-bye to boring Sundays and explore a whole new concept of spending some special moments with your favorite one. Come and have a rocking Sunday at The Diggy Day.


LOCATION Gurgaon, India
The Leela Ambience Gurugram

Date: 24th  June 2018

Please arrive by 9:45 AM to start event at sharp 10 AM.

Approximately 6 PM.
Not Required
Breakfast Lunch Evening Snacks


1. HUMRAAZ/HUMSAFAR/JAANTE NAHI MAIN KON HU – Being partners for life, you must be knowing each other well as husband or wife. Now we test you for your claim. Time to live up to your name.

2. JAB TAK HAI SAAS – Be prepared to surprise your spouse, by singing the praises they’ve never heard inside your house. But if you lose your breath, you ought to fall in debt.

3. SACH KA SAAMNA – Some truth some lies, lets read those through your eyes.

4. KISME KITNA HAI RANG – The catch is to match each other

5. ONE MINUTE JUKEBOX – Sing out your heart, but with words of art.

6. TERE MERE DARMIYAN – Walk or run. It’s so much fun. Only thing is you have something between you, other than love.

7. AND WE TWIST… – Get ready to put your dancing shoes on. We are sure you haven’t been as close ever on a dance floor.

8. PEHCHAN KON – SA – Observation is the key. How well do you see

Ashish Bahukhandi – When a blessed brain of an entrepreneur and a wild heart of a wanderer combines to form someone, who is not only an achiever, but also an individual who lives his life to fullest, it is Ashish Bahukhandi. Ashish is a full-time entrepreneur based out of Gurugram, India. He is an avid traveller and has travelled half of the globe to know diverse cultures, meet new people and to find the actual truths of life. He is agile and spontaneous and as excited to be your host for Diggy Day as you are!

Suparna Sarkar – A Software Engineer by education, a motorcyclist by passion and a traveller by profession, Suparna has explored different terrains across India on various bikes and is an avid traveller who believes in spreading happiness wherever she goes but living life on her own terms. She has been associated with many superbike brands and is a known face in the biking community in India. Get ready to be bowled over by this blabbermouthed Bong with boosts of spirit to make your Sunday a day to remember.

The Leela Ambience Gurugram – The hotel has redefined international benchmarks of luxury hospitality and has been conferred with innumerable awards and accolades over the years. It is now ready to provide you with a day of amusement and exuberance in the heart of the millennial city of Gurugram.

Terms and Condition

  1. Participants should always maintain decorum and a healthy family ambience.
  2. The instructions given by the hosts are to be followed by all participants regardless.
  3. Diggy Day is an all and only couple event. So, entry for kins is restricted, including the kids.
  4. The best and most scrumptious banquet in the menu to be served to our participants, so obviously no outside food is required (or allowed). Alcoholic beverages are absolutely prohibited.
  5. Partners to wear the same coloured outfits as each other preferably.
  6. The bookings close three days before the Diggy Day. No new entries would be considered after 11:59 PM, 13th June 2018.
  7. The registration charges are non-refundable/non-transferable.
  8. Any disputes to be under Gurugram jurisdiction only.

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