Yumunotri- Give Yourself a Double Doze of Adventure and Devotion

A regular drive from Delhi to Dehradun in positive weather conditions went on for five and half hours. I was out to investigate a standout amongst the most troublesome trekking courses this time, known for its amazing magnificence.

I went by means of Dehradun in light of the fact that I had an expert duty, after which I had intended to go up till Yamunotri sanctuary through Asnol Gaadh. The adventure to Asnol Gaadh appeared to be path simpler after my past driving experience in Uttarakhand, in which I drove in overwhelming downpours in the midst of avalanches and immense potholes! It felt like I’d won a fight after I came back to Delhi alive!

I stayed overnight at the outstanding GMVN Asnol Gaadh Resort which costed around 750 INR. The sustenance was basic, extravagant and essentially upto the check. The rooms were decent and cozy and the staff was greatly useful and warm.

I cleared out for Janki Chatti at 6:30 am after a decent breakfast and reach by 8 am. Janki Chatti is arranged 2,650 m over the ocean level and is popular for its hot springs. Settling the last town of this district, Janki Chatti offers an incredible magnificent perspective of the amazing mountain scope of the Himalayas. Falling in transit Yamunotri Pilgrimage, this place clamors with explorers who make a trip to bathe in the high temp water springs, which have religious implications to their pilgrimage customs.

I began my 5 Km long trek at 8 am from Janki Chatti to Yamunotri. Since I was made a beeline for Yamunotri I chose to visit the acclaimed Yamunotri Temple as well.

Arranged at an elevation of 3292 meters over the ocean level, Yamunotri falls in the district of Northern province of Uttarakhand. Only a couple of kilometers from the Indo-China outskirt, it is encompassed by the lofty Himalayan range from every one of the sides. The trek to Yamunotri Temple was debilitating, tiring, in any case energizing since I wasn’t the only one. I happened to go over numerous travellers. Some of them strolled with me, while some picked the palanquins. Talking all through the trek, made it simple for us to cover the long separation.

The sanctuary is arranged at 3291 meters in the Uttarkashi district. Dedicated to Goddess Yamuna, it is one of the four holy locales of pilgrimage, all in all known as the “Chaar Dhams” of the Garhwal Himalayas. Throughout the trekking course, you will undoubtedly run over excellent floods of rivers, lakes, channels, knolls and towns. It is astonishing to see the business around there. Seeing cheerful youngsters playing around, getting the chance to develop in contamination-free surroundings will excite you to dump your city life and come to settle here. Who doesn’t need a stream streaming by, only a short distance far from their home?

Yamunotri is the purpose of start for the perpetual river Yamuna. It is the longest and the second biggest tributary of the Ganges. Goddess Yamuna is of hugeness significance to the Hindus. Viewed as the girl of Lord Surya (God of Sun) and sister of Lord Yama (God of Death), this river is additionally affectionately called Yami. Bathing in this devout river is said to set individuals free from the torments of death. In fact, talking its genuine starting point is one km above, from the Yamunotri Glacier, from where it moves through the intense mountains round the year as a solution forever.

It is intriguing to perceive how the Prasad of Yamunotri Temple is readied. Since the district gloats to have extraordinary compared to other high temp water springs, they make utilization of the same for Prasad arrangements. The water is unadulterated and hot. Surya Kund is one of the heated water ponds which is said to be enough hot to get ready rice and bubbled potatoes for Prasad. The marvels of nature here bound to abandon you awestruck. From the beautiful scene to heated water springs and the dreamlike hush in rich green surroundings on the lap of the magnificent Himalayas, can fill in as a motivation for specialists and essayists. Having gone through these troublesome territories, far from the span of the ruinous humankind, I firmly prescribe you come here at any rate once to get a look at what you have been losing in the ordinary city humdrum.

My next goal was Raithal from where I was proposed to go to Gangotri. Soon thereafter, I drove from Janki Chatti to Raithal which took around 6-7 hours. I stayed overnight in a pre-booked room in GMVN Raithal.

Next morning, I woke up late, walked around in the close-by regions and drove till Gangotri. The drive went on for around 4 hours. We registered with yet another GVMN room for an agreeable rest.

The fortunate thing about the GMVN chains of inns and resorts is that they have reasonable rooms with astonishing helps at the value you pay. In our whole trek I had an extraordinarily fulfilling experience with the GMVN inns.

Next morning, I went by the Gangotri Temple which was a 10-minute stroll from the lodging.

One of the Chaar Dhams, the Gangotri Temple is worked at the stature of 3048 m over the ocean level along the banks of Bhagirathi River in the district of Uttarkashi. Gangotri is a little city nurtured around the Gangotri Temple, which is the sanctuary of Goddess Ganga. The river Ganga (named after the Goddess) is the holiest of all, since it is said to convey the nectar which invalidated the toxic substance in Lord Shiva’s throat. This lasting river begins from 18 Km over the Gangotri sanctuary from the Gaumukh glacier, which is the second biggest glacier after the Siachen glacier.

I set out for a fourteen-hour long drive back to Delhi the same day.

Despite the fact that I am not very religious, my visit to these devout spots gave me a feeling of peace and self-control. Unexpectedly, WhatsApp and web-based social networking didn’t make a difference so significantly, neither the desire to transfer pictures and check in from various areas. You may call it a “spirit purging” or an “innovation detox”, the inclination was indefinable.

Best Time to Visit: May-June and September-November

How to Reach:

  • Closest Airport is Jolly Grant (210 KM) from Yamunotri. After Reaching There, you can hire a cab for 3000-4000 INR
  • Dehradun Railway Station (172 KM) from Yamunotri. Hire a cab afterwards. Charges around 3000 INR
  • Take a bus to any key tourist place in Uttarakhand. Then take a local bus to Hanuman Chatti which is 14 KM from Yamunotri. Trek afterwards.

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Govind Patel
February 1, 2018
As far as natural beauty is concerned. This is a very beautiful place to visit..i am planing for Yumunotri in this year May - June

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