Moscow: A Rustic Beauty Where I Left a Piece of My Heart

For most travellers, the prospect of going to Russia itself appears to be alarming yet given us a chance to reveal to you that Russia is a standout amongst the most intriguing and exquisite spots you will have ever gone to. Russia is on the double amazing and confounding. Winston Churchill’s abundantly cited line that the world’s biggest country spoke to “a question wrapped in a riddle inside a mystery” is as evident today as it was in those days.

Grand in each regard, it’s where shined royal wonder coincides with cold Siberian tundra, where timeworn Soviet-period landmarks scenery uber-hip urban societies and where everything from the decision party downwards works in its own, invulnerably Russian, way.

moscow places to visit

The west of the nation draws the most guest consideration, on account of the nearness of two uncommon urban communities. St Petersburg and Moscow, they serve up clearing postcard locates by the dozen. Moscow is the quickly thumping heart of the “New Russia,” where Asia and Europe join to make a riotous, puzzling city on a stupendous scale. St Petersburg, then, with its living film-set of royal residences, houses of prayer, and conduits, is the most terrific and most European of Russia’s urban areas, yet still holds a profoundly complex character.


  • You will first need a Russian Tourist Invite, not to be mistaken for a visa. This will cost you around 2500-3000 INR. Some 5-star lodgings may give it free on the off chance that you book your whole stay with them. We also can help organize a vacationer welcome for you.

  • Tourist visa can be issued for single or twofold passage to the Russian Federation.
  • Double passage vacationer visa is issued to remote natives just in situations while as indicated by the supporting records, the travellers amid their stay in Russia intend to visit neighbouring states, or a state, from which they will return through the Russian region (for instance, China or Mongolia). In such cases all agenda focuses ought to be specified in the visitor affirmation issued by the host Russian association.

  • The greatest length of stay while venturing out to Russia on a visitor visa is 30 days.

  • A Visa is issued for the correct length of your stay specified in your inn reservations and in addition flight. Thus, design as needs be. You don’t get additional days for a support.

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Since you have your visa and different reservations, you’re ready yet remember the add-on:

  • The vast majority don’t communicate in English in Russia, download Google Translate before running and acquaint yourself with its utilization. This truly spared us amid our whole outing.

  • The transformation of Rupees to Roubles is 1:1 so you can utilize your global ATM card in Russia openly

  • US Dollars and Euros can be unreservedly traded all around. Convey a couple of dollars to trade at the air terminal when you touch base in Moscow for your taxi and different fundamentals.

  • As soon as you arrive, the authorities will give you a Migration Card. Don’t, I repeat DO NOT lose this even by botch. This is required at each point in Russia ideal from when you register with your lodging to the take-off moment and even random police keeps an eye out and about.

  • Keep a duplicate travel permit, duplicate visa and duplicate arrival certificate in shading convenient with you. By any chance, if any random stranger claims to be a cop, requesting your international ID, demonstrate to him the duplicate. If he still requests the original one, say you will reveal that to him just inside the closest police headquarters. On the off chance that he is an impostor, he will take off.

  • Download the Yandex Taxi application, we utilized this all over Russia all through our stay, it works simply like the OLA/Uber application.

  • Just before you leave the airplane terminal building. You will discover a slowdown offering MTC sim cards. They are the best in Russia. For 500 RUB you will get 5 GB 4G web and boundless calls to portable in Russia substantial for a month. This is the best pack for a visitor.

  • People in Major urban areas like Moscow and STP may appear to be somewhat icy and inconsiderate, don’t misinterpret them. Russians by and large are benevolent and supportive it’s simply that dialect is the main boundary. Regard them and they will treat you like a king.

  • According to Russian law, your Russian visa must be enrolled inside 7 working days of your landing (barring ends of the week and authority occasions). Along these lines, on the off chance that you stay in Russia seven working days or all the more, at that point you have to enrol your visa. This should be possible at the closest postal station for 250 RUB. All lodgings do it too for a little extra charge.


Our first stop was Moscow for 3 days. Moscow is a vivacious city, brimming with things to see and places to visit, from the Kremlin to bunches of spots for shopping and touring.

The sprawling city of Moscow is a blend of chronicled and contemporary sights. A traveller in Moscow has a considerable measure of decision. From the Red Square and the Kremlin to visits in the edges of the city, there is something for everybody. You can shop, take part in social exercises in the capital of music and theatre, or just be enraptured by the delightful surroundings of Moscow.

things to see in moscow


  • Red Square: The core of Moscow and the principal goal for most guests to the city. Encompassed by St. Basil’s Cathedral, the State History Museum, Lenin’s Mausoleum and one of the Kremlin’s long block dividers.

  • Lenin Mausoleum: in the focal point of the Red Square. Stroll past the preserved group of Vladimir Lenin.

  • St Basil Cathedral: in the south piece of Red Square. Worked in 1555-61. Inside is an exhibition hall, in spite of the fact that it looks best all things considered, however in the event that you have sufficient energy, take a look inside.

  • The Kremlin Museum Complex: Includes the Armory Collection of regal garments and chariots, the Diamond Fund, a few places of worship, the Patriarch Palace and the Bell Tower (open just in the mid-year­). Guided visits top off quick and ought to be reserved early.

  • Christ the Saviour Cathedral: This house of prayer, the tallest Traditional church on the planet (the biggest being the Temple of St. Sava in Belgrade), was exploded on orders from Stalin in 1931, with the perspective of building the immense Palace of the Soviets, to be delegated by a 100-m high statue of Lenin.

  • Gorkiy Park: The most surely understood of Moscow’s numerous parks, Gorkiy Park is one of the trendiest places in the city because of its bistros, spots to walk, an outdoors film theatre, free Wi-Fi, and contemporary open craftsmanship ventures.

things to see in moscow

Acclaimed STREETS

Old Arbat Street: Walk down this kitschy road and keep in mind to take a gander at the little by-lanes around the Arbat. They enable you to feel the “old Moscow soul”. Arbat is loaded with trinket merchants, traveler bistros, lousy eateries, craftsmen, and so forth. The costs of the trinkets differ from sensible to sham, yet sellers are available to transaction.

New Arbat Street: Located close Old Arbat Street, this road offers a complexity from the touristy person on foot just lane. New Arbat is maybe where Moscow’s rich are the most obvious, as some of Moscow’s most costly eateries and dance club are situated here. There are some sensibly evaluated bistros, be that as it may. The road is extravagantly lit up around evening time and is constantly enthusiastic. Likewise, look at Dom Knigi (House of Books) on New Arbat. It’s not as great as the St. Petersburg store, yet presumably the best wager for books in Moscow.

Tverskaya Street: This road begins from the Kremlin itself and runs northwest toward Tver (subsequently the name) and Saint Petersburg. Consequently, the street was a vital avenue in Tsarist Russia. It is presently Moscow’s most chic road, with a few renowned boutiques. It is likewise fixed with bistros, eateries, cafés, two or three theatres, and a few lodgings, including two areas of the Marriott. The majority of the road’s design doesn’t really have much history to it, however en route you will locate Russia’s initially, and the world’s busiest, McDonalds. The statue of Pushkin at Pushkinskaya Square is an exceptionally famous gathering point.

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You can’t stand to be fastidious about food all in all in whole Russia, Moscow being no special case. Veggie lover food is rare, however not feasible. Indian food? We tried one place and the food was past sickening. Be that as it may, of course, why Indian when you are in Russia? A portion of the indulgences we attempted and guidance you to attempt are as per the following:


  • Borsch: A staple of Russia food, it would be an offense to leave Moscow without attempting this soup in any event once. This beetroot and cabbage red soup is a delectable gut hotter on Moscow’s colder days, presented with or without meat, potato, herbs (normally dill) and a spot of smetana, Russian acrid cream. Went with a bit of rye bread or garlic bread finished with softened cheddar, this dish is sufficiently healthy to fill in as a supper, despite the fact that it is normally eaten as a starter

  • Russian serving of mixed greens: This barely needs saying seeing as ‘Russian plate of mixed greens’ is one such dish that has spread universally, and chances are you’ve attempted a form in your nation of origin. Notwithstanding, the Russian form is fresher and crispier with a light sprinkling of mayonnaise– a remarkable inverse to the proportion of the delicate bubbled, mayonnaise-substantial global renditions.

  • Shashlik: These cooked meats and fish on sticks are hard not to like. As the name recommends, this dish is a type of shish kebab, despite the fact that the Russian adaptation is presented with chunkier bits of sheep, meat, chicken or salmon, and presented with a bread.

  • Russian Dumplings: What’s distinctive about Russian dumplings (pelmeni) are the great herbs added to the pressed meat fillings of sheep, pork or hamburger and the slimness of the batter. You can likewise discover angle or rich mushrooms as regular fillers. When requesting them, you’ll be inquired as to whether you need to eat them solo (bubbled) or served in a soup. We went to Lepim I Varim, they are the No.1 eatery in Moscow.

  • Mini pies: Russia’s scaled down pies (pirozhki) utilize comparable fillings and herbs to dumplings, aside from they are encased in baked good and either seared or stove heated. Other than the ordinary meat or salmon fillings, in any case, you likewise get the extra decision of cabbage, potato, egg, cheddar and even sweet fillings. Pirozhki influence a great tidbit at an eatery, and additionally a brisk chomp from a road to slow down or pastry kitchen.

  • Honeycake: The perplexing looking cake medovik includes exchanging ultra-thin layers of nectar spongecake with sweetened (harsh) cream. The thin layers are developed to frame the cake, from anyplace in the vicinity of 5 and 15 layers, finished off with a sprinkling of pulverized wipe or nuts and left overnight to mollify and ingest the cream. Feathery and light to eat, however all out in flavor and sweetness.

  • Russian flapjacks (pancakes): Blini are Russia’s adaptation of the thin French crêpe and a staple on most Moscovian menus, normally made with buckwheat for exquisite fillings or white flour for sweet garnishes. You’ll see backups of smoked salmon, velvety mushrooms, acrid cream, sticks and dense milk– to name a few– however the top of the line, respected blend is a spoonful of red salmon or dark sturgeon caviar.


  • For Alcoholics: Vodka: More than 70% of all liquor expended in Russia is vodka. As indicated by a legend (Russia beyond any doubt has a considerable measure of them!), around 1430, a priest named Isidore from Chudov Monastery inside the Moscow Kremlin made the main Russian vodka. Vodka for only created just in Moscow for quite a while. These days, you can discover vodka anyplace. Furthermore, an extraordinary vodka! There’s horseradish vodka, blueberry vodka, red pepper vodka, nectar vodka… the rundown goes on and the vodka segment of a menu regularly peruses like a wine list.

  • For Non – Alcoholics: Tea: Besides tasting vodka from a shot glass, you will likewise discover a scope of teas. Tea, shockingly, is an exceptionally well-known drink in Russia, intoxicated customarily from a samovar, which you may even now find in some Russian-claim to fame eateries. There are conventional beverages, for example, sbiten, a hot drink seasoned with wine or nectar, or ormors, which is made of berry squeeze and birch tree juice, yet you won’t not discover these promptly accessible on menus. All the more regularly found are medovukha, a sweet drink made with aged nectar, and kvass, a drink normally produced using dark rye or rye bread.


Presently partying in Moscow can be somewhat intense because of the strict face control. I.e, unless you’re Russian, rich and excessively fashionable, passage is a removed dream.

To beat confront control, we recommend you enter before 10:00 PM, dress well and stay cool.

Passage is for the most part free or negligible (under 200 RUB) and beverages aren’t costly when contrasted with any metro city in India. The sex proportion is very nearly 1:10 it’s hard to believe, but it’s true for each person there are 10 young ladies! Da Ding! Also, the party goes ahead till 6:00 AM!

Try not to try and have a go at getting sloshed as the bouncers are exceptionally strict and won’t falter before lifting you up and tossing you out, LITERALLY!

A portion of the best clubs include: City Space Bar, O2 Lounge, Bar Gipsy, Kot Shredingera, Night Club Icon. Take your pick admirably. ­

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