Remember :11 Tips For Solo Travellers

1. Plan Your Trip

As They say, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If you are going solo or any trip you should plan your trip. You don’t need to plan everything but at least you should plan for few important things like your hotel, Mode of Transport, Flight details, Visa Requirements, Local Food etc.

2.Travel At Night

Always try to travel At night so that when you land the destination, You have the whole day to travel. Travelling at night will save your time and give you extra time to explore the place.

3. Don’t Pack Too Much

Try to do the packing less, Just pack the most important stuff only. As when you go somewhere you might purchase new things there Also you don’t have to carry weight with you all the time.

4. Take Care of your Imp Documents

You should take good care of your important documents. You can take a pic of every document and save it on email so that at the time of need you can take a download from anywhere.

5. Use Local Apps

You should download some local apps for your help like Location Based Apps, Food Apps, etc.MRT support apps (in Europe). If you have local apps in your mobile you can find out the best option for you and decide better with no compromise.

6. Enjoy Local Food

One should enjoy the local food wherever we go. SO you should eat and enjoy the local ethnic food.

7. Do Proper Money Management

When you travel alone there is no-one to support you in any way. And when it comes to money in another country no one will help you. So it’s the most important thing you need to take care of. Don’t spend must in unnecessary things. Plan your expense in the better way so that you can enjoy the fullest.

8. Take Proper sleep

Few travel enthusiasts sleep very less time in their initial tours but when you are experienced you will understand that good and sound sleep is must if you want to enjoy more. If your body will not support you how can you enjoy the place. So take proper rest whenever you have time.

9. Keep in Touch with Family

you should be in touch with your family and friends all the time because they will support you when you need also if your family knows where you are they will also feel secure for you.

10. Be Online whenever get time

Try to be online whenever you get internet or proper time, As when you talk to your friends you will feel fresh and when you are travelling alone it is very important that you don’t feel lonely at all.

11. Take Care of your health

It is also very important thing to take care of your health because there will be no Mom there to take care for you. You have to take proper food and safe yourself by weather all the time if you will feel bad your whole trip will be ruined in no time.

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Sonu Rewadi
January 31, 2018
I love the most in travelling is exploring ancient places. this is very informative blog

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