7 ways to earn money while travelling

1. Write Blogs

You can write blogs about your travelling experiences and make your own community and you can use Google Ad Sense advertisement to make money. The more you write the more user you get The more money you earn.

2. DO Freelancing Job

You can also do any freelancing job so that you can earn money on the go. It depends on your skills.

3. Work Remotely

There are many companies who pay you salary and who don’t expect you to come office daily. You can find any such job and earn money while travelling.

4. Teach Language

You can teach your local language to the people where you are travelling and hence you can earn money by that.

5. Professional Photography

You can also earn a handsome amount by just selling few pics taken by you. You can be a professional travel or wildlife photographer and you can sell your pics to any good agency and earn money by that.

6. Join Cruise ship

You can work on any merchant ship and hence you can earn a good amount while travelling but yes you need to work there.

7. Work Exchange

There is a concept that two people exchange their work you can also do that you do some work of some people and they will pay you for that.