7 ways to Convince your family for your solo Trip

1. Explain the reason

You should tell your family the actual reason behind your desire of travelling alone. you have to tell them that how important this is for you so that they will realize actually that this is the thing you want from your life then they will support you too.

2. Show them you are not alone

You can also show your parents and friends that you are not alone in this world who is travelling alone there are millions of other people across the globe who do solo travelling and even this is a career for many. If you will show that there are the people of every country every age are travelling solo and this is very safe then they will surely agree.

3. Prepare well

If you do your preparation well and if you have planned everything in a very good manner, You can show your family that you are already prepared for the trip and you have all the answers to their queries they will support you.

4. Be connected all the time

You can realize them that they are connected to you all the time 24 X 7 with you. this is an internet time everyone is connected in this 21st-century distance doesn’t matter. You can tell them that if you have any problem during your tour you will surely ask for their help.

5. Share your whole Itinerary

If you will share your whole itinerary with your parents then they will feel more comfortable and they will allow you to pursue your dream.

6. Go for short Duration and Distance

If this is your First trip you can start by nearest place and with less duration. So that your parents will also feel comfortable about you.

7. Take a self-defence class

You can take a self-defence class before you go anywhere alone. By this practice, your parents will also feel more comfortable with sending you alone.