Travel for Food: Challenge your Inner Foodie to Try All These Food Destinations

World is full of two types of people. First are those who eat to live and the others are those who live to eat. If you belong to the latter category, this blog will be your recipe of happiness. We know you are that naughty child who keeps poking the mother while she is cooking, to add your choicest of flavours in your food. We also know your siblings hate you because you have never been fair while sharing your food. Your friends love to hang out with you because you always take them to the new restaurants that you discover and make them taste some awesome delights.

If you can relate to what we have mentioned above, congratulations! You are a true foodie. While, India has such a vivid hue of cuisines, in this blog, we will let you know where all you should pay a visit in order to treat your taste-buds with the true taste of India. Have a look:

  1. Delhi: the very own Food Capital of India has a plethora of dishes crackling with numerous flavours to conquer your inner foodie. Be it the Parathe wali gali ke Parathey, Purani Dilli ki chaat, Chandani Chowk ke Daulat Ki Chaat, Odeon ke Pan, Dahi Bhalle, Golgappe, Papdi Chat, and various desserts prepared by local Halwais, everything will leave you spellbound. Delhi surely takes you to the by lanes of childhood with its taste and flavours.


  1. Goa: The party capital of India offers an array of options when it comes to food. Goa is known for its mouth-watering sea-foods, authentic fish curry and rice, vindaloo, Goan sausage and pao, sorpotel, Crab XecXec Curry, Ambot Tik Sour and Spicy, Chicken Cafreal and the famous bebinca. While, the shacks on the shore side serves some awesome Portuguese food, delicious fenny (a cashew nut based fermented drink).


  1. Lucknow: When you are in love with Awadhi affair, you need to head to Lucknow. Famous for their Tundey Kebabs and Biriyani, Lucknow is surely the city of nababs and kebabs. Hop here for some super cheap non-veg curries, galauti kebabs, kulfi, gajjak, paan and various other street food. Chai and Samosa are another favourite of the localites, you must give it a try on some lovely evening while taking a glimpse at the Imambada.


  1. Kolkata: Say Bhalo-Bashi to the great Bengali cuisine by payin a visit to Kolkata. Kolkata and Rasogolla have almost become synonymous over the years. And that is why an Indian might not know about the geography of the city but will surely identify Kolkata with Rasogolla and Sandesh. Jokes apart! Kolkata is truly a foodista’s paradise and you probably shall realize it better if you’ll be here on a holiday. Do not miss trying different varieties of Chops and Cutlets (veg, chicken, egg). Alu Posto, Sorshe Ilish (Mustard paste with Ilish fish), Bhetki Macher Paturi and Kosha Mangsho. If you love dessert misti doi (sweet curd) and Kalakand are must have for you.


  1. Bhopal: Take a gastronomical ride to Bhopal and taste some of the most unforgettable dishes of Madhya Pradesh. Relish everything you get in the Chatori Gali and you’ll never regret it. Bhopali cuisine is all about lip-smacking non-veg food like Bade ka Kabab, Kabab Pao, Mutton Seekh Kabab and even the Paya Soup. You’ll find an array of crispy, crunchy, tangy and spicy food all over leaving you want for a little more space in your tummy.


  1. Sikkim: If the enigmatic beauty of the city is not enough to call you here, let us give you all the right reasons to come here again and again. Well, the delicious Thupka (a noodle soup boosted with some meat, Asian sauces and assorted veggies), Phagspa (Fat of pork stewed to the fine taste and crowned with assorted veggies) and how can we forget the meat or vegetable filled dumplings that can make anybody bow down in respect for the amazing taste.


  1. Hyderabad: Coming to Hyderabad and not eating is a heinous crime. When a city has so much to offer, even a non-foodie cannot say a no to it. the city of Nizams is known for its delectable Hyderabadi Biriyani and other Hyderabadi Delicacies like, Dum Pukht, Maghaz Masala (spicy lamb’s brain fry), Boti Kebab, Malai Korma or Qabooli Biryani.


  1. Kashmir: A paradise on earth for foodies across the globe, Kashmir has a wide variety of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian delicacies. The vegetarian foodies must try Kashmir special Dum Aloo, Gogji Nadir, Al-Yakhni, Chokh Vangun and Haakh. But to be honest Kashmir is a heaven for non-veggies as they can slurp an assortment of mouth-watering chicken and mutton items. Don’t forget to try the succulent Rogan Josh, gravy enriched Gushtaba, hot and lip-smacking Rista. If you want to enjoy the royal Kashmiri dine, try Wazwan, the most popular multi-course meal in Kashmiri cuisine. Don’t miss to have a sip of Sheer Chai (salted tea). A fan of desserts must taste the delicacies like Kong Phirni or Khubani ka halwa.


  1. Kerala: If you love food, no matter it is veg or non-veg simply head to god’s own country, Kerala. Apart from beautiful back-waters, and lovely views Kerela also offers some mind-boggling dishes that can make you go weak on your knees for every bite. Taste the real Malabari cuisine that comes in a form of Appam, Beef Kurumulakithatthu and various Duck preparations. Once you are here, do not give a miss on special filter kappi (filtered coffee).


  1. Rajasthan: How can a Royalty be completed without the Royals. Rajasthan happens to be one of my favourite food destinations because no matter you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Rajasthan is never going to be biased. Once you “padharo Rajasthan” you got to try their spice bombs like, Dal Baati, Keema Baati, Mirchi Vadas, Ker-Sangri and Lal Maas. Relish your sweet-tooth with sinful


I know. I know. By now, you’ve already dropped gallons of water from your mouth. But, we can’t help it, if you are in India you get something new to eat every time you look around. In such scenario, you are helplessly bound to keep trying them all. *Burp*

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